Its a bird, Its a plane, You stupid. Its a human,
The name's Clint Barton. An avenger known as 'Hawkeye'. A master assassin and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. That's all you need to know, mortal.

This is an independent roleplay blog. I don't own any gifs or picture unless stated. Like, my face. I ship Clintasha so, yeah. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite. I'm not a vampire.




Ничего. Теперь закрыть его.

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    I don’t. I’ve never wanted anything else. So you give up?
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    …Why do you want a normal life? Eh, what? Ew.
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    *She nods at him* Okay sounds good. ((OOC: I will make a para for this later but right now i have to go.))